I Don't See Colour!

Thrive Global
Why not acknowledging your colleagues identity in the workplace is not a noble thing to do, it perpetuates the microaggressions you seek to avoid. This behaviour has negative consequences for team cohesion and everyone can take positive steps to make change happen.

Tutu (1)

The Workplace Dynamics Of The Woke Generation

The More Sibyl Podcast
We are in the digital era, a time when Gen Zers and younger millennials are changing the traditional patterns of the workplace. To discuss this growing trend, I have Tutu Popoola on the show…

In this episode, we talked about the unique characteristics of the Gen Zers and younger millennials related to their work ethics and heightened awareness of political and social issues.

How To Invent HR From The Ground Up

People Management Magazine
Setting up a function from scratch can bring its own challenges. We meet a handful of people professionals who were the first in their organisations….