Running a business is not easy, between paying bills and trying to find the best people out there to work with, there’s a lot going on! But let me ask you, have you been giving HR the attention it deserves?

Now, legally speaking, you don’t need an HR department or to outsource HR if you’re a small business. But if you’ve got more than a handful of employees, you need to manage HR-related matters like professional development, company culture, performance reviews, paid leave, employee benefits, queries and complaints, and making sure you’re following employment law and best practice for your business. 

Having good HR support in place can help you keep your team focused, boost employee engagement, hire the right people, comply with employment law and create a positive work environment.

But, I get it. You’ve got a lot on your plate already. That’s why I created Sleek HR, specifically for small businesses like yours. With our service, you can put your HR in the hands of experts who can help you.

"Your team has worked together to develop a bespoke approach, bringing understanding of local issues together with expertise and experience. The support you provided helped in developing a solid remuneration policy, linked to a fit for purpose performance management process.”
Paul Newton
Paul Newton
General Manager, B&D Energy